who we are


Lakeland Asset Management Group has purchased and developed over $750 million in commerical, multifamily and hotel assets. Our principals and core alliance partners have developed assets on the East Coast, West Coast and the Midwest of the USA and have extensive experience in select European and Middle Eastern cities.

Lakeland Asset Management Group purchases commercial, multifamily and hotel assets for its own portfolio. Target market properties include retail, select office, warehouse, multi-family properties and hotels. Multi-family properties and hotels are a preferred asset class. Markets include California, Illinois (greater Chicagoland), various cities of the South East, parts of Florida and New York.

Lakeland Asset Management Group also represents clients providing advisory, underwriting, management and funding services for both US based clients and foreign clients alike. Capital preservation and risk  management are the first priorities in our investment model with return on equity capital and underwriting a strong margin of safety as a key to our long-term success in a variety of market cycles. We seek to purchase assets whose current market price is at a significant discount as compared to its long term intrinsic value.

As part of the Lakeland Asset Management Group's investment strategy, we focus on undervalued assets which will have strong appreciation potential and value-added components that can be identified. Lakeland Asset Management Group performs detailed and thorough research and due diligence prior to the acquisition of the asset with the target of acquiring attractive, high-quality properties for below replacement cost. Lakeland Asset Management Group equally seeks opportunities in assets that can deliver stable returns, especially during these times of high market volatility.

Lakeland Asset Management Group recognizes that a successful investment is determined not only at the acquisition of the asset, but through the meticulous management, strong problem solving abilities and liquidation of the asset. Lakeland Asset Management Group has developed methods for these cycles which enables the Group to recognize superior investment opportunities. Lakeland Asset Management Group performs periodic sell vs. hold analyses to capitalize on changing market conditions.

Lakeland Asset Management Group's combined experience can be summarized as follows:


500,000 square feet with a value in excess of $100,000,000

Commerical / Industrial

3,000,000 square feet with a value in excess of $225,000,000


800,000 square feet with a value in excess of $200,000,000