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Lakeland Asset Management Group provides a wide variety of services from limited 'snap shot' reviews of properties to detailed analyses including feasibility reports, business plan development, plan implementation strategies, loan reviews and 'sell versus hold' recommendations, buy-side investor reports and a myriad of other advisory services.

If you are a stock investor who needs to hire someone to determine the underlying value and performance of a property owned by a publicly traded REIT, a lender needing to determine the quality of the collateral and related management backing a loan portfolio, a limited partner trying to ascertain the condition of the general partner and the value of the partnership assets, a property owner fighting with lenders and limited partners or an investor seeking to take advantage of the current market conditions, Lakeland Asset Management Group can provide the service that you need.

Recommending and choosing the right law firm and accounting firm as well as the right marketing company are all critical components in succeeding in real estate. Knowing the difference between financial brokers and true decision makers who have cash to invest and being able to negotiate an acceptable structure to fit in to the business plan are also key elements of success, which is proving particularly difficult in today's vast array of service providers. Lakeland Asset Management Group has the history, the contacts and the expertise to navigate a client through this maze of service providers which exist in today's marketplace.